Mittwoch, 2. Mai 2012

Wanted: A Summer Job in Berlin

This is my good friend Igor:

He’s a musician, a wonderful person and he is about to start studying Music in London in September. One day, he is going to win a Grammy.

But before he’s leaving for rainy, boring, not-so-swinging-anymore London, he wants to come here, to us,  to the greatest city in the world - Berlin!

Igor is an amazing person and you definitely want to get to know him (not just because he might one day take you to the Grammy ceremony) - so here is what we have to do:
Let’s find Igor a summer job in Berlin!

But what can he do, you ask?

Well... this talented young fella could work as a...

MUSICIAN - on stage or in the studio

  • He plays guitar, sax, drums, bass, ukulele and various percussion instruments and he is also a very good singer
  • He has lots of live-experience, playing with all kinds of different bands (like, for instance, Mamba Beat, Eskean and La Suite Bizarre) from Jazz to Electroclash, both on the street and festivals like BBK Live, sharing a stage with Amy Winehouse, Kasabian and the Kaiser Chiefs


  • Igor is very creative, as you can hear on his SoundCloud


  • Igor has some studio experience and has recorded and mixed songs for different bands.


  • If you work at a music venue in Berlin and need someone to set up and help during concerts, Igor is your guy


  • Igor knows his music and will surely make your parties rock


  • Igor has been teaching both guitar and sax for years - and he also speaks Spanish and Basque ;)

As you can see, Igor is a very skillful person. He is also good at things like Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, photography and all things Web2.0. He has been studying Audivisual Communications before deciding to really focus on that Grammy-winning stuff.

Igor is a very communicative, outgoing and friendly person and speaks Spanish, Basque and English. He’s very reliable, motivated, creative and determined and a very great guy to hang out with. And you don’t have to be afraid with him around - he has a black belt in Karate, too.

If you have a job for him, or know someone, who might know someone, who might know someone, please help, forward this page or contact Igor directly at idmrtn92 (at) gmail (.) com

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